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Since 1926, the United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO) has promoted secular Jewish culture and education with a commitment to social justice. Our vibrant community — founded on Yiddishkeit — comes to life through the Morris Winchevsky School, Camp Naivelt, Jewish holiday celebrations and our commitment to social activism.


Our programs focus on secular celebrations of Jewish holidays, cultural events, lectures, educational forums and discussions on historical and current struggles for social justice, and participation in social justice campaigns and networks. UJPO's current social justice priorities include support for Indigenous Rights, the Environment, Economic & Racial Justice, LGBTQ+ struggles and activism related to Israel/Palestine.


For many years the Toronto Jewish Folk Choir provided the musical component of our programming.  Now our new participatory singing group, Zing! Zing! Zing!, meets monthly.


The base of  our operations is the Winchevsky Centre — a progressive secular Jewish community centre that houses our offices and meeting hall. Our doors are open and welcoming to people across culture, language, gender identity, sexual orientation and belief. 

Our organization is volunteer-based and there are always ways to become involved. 

About Us

Secular Jewishness is about identifying as a Jew through Jewish culture and history, rather than religious ritual and practice.

Secular Jewishness emphasizes the social justice element of our tradition, the respect for working people and the right of every person to dignity and self-determination.

Our community-led celebrations offer a meaningful alternative to religious services. We reflect upon our cultural and historic heritage and relate their significance to contemporary issues.

Secular Jewishness

Where We Are Located

The Winchevsky Centre is located in mid-town Toronto at 585 Cranbrooke Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

We are 5 blocks north of Lawrence Avenue West, just east of Bathurst Street (north of Lawrence Plaza).

By TTC, the closest bus stop to our centre is at Saranac (southbound) and Woburn (northbound). Our facility has plenty of free parking available.


Our Statement of Solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian People


Our Comment on Rising Antisemitism and anti-Palestinian Racism


The Jewish Heretics Podcast

The Shandes - Songs of Jewish Resistance


Our Statement on Current Events in Palestine/Israel

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