Rosh Hashonah / Yom Kippur 2021


Rosh Hashonah: Saturday September 19 — 10:30 a.m.

Yom Kippur: Sunday September 27 — 7:30 p.m.
Location to be determined.

Rosh Hashonah/Yom Kippur Order Form will be up soon.

Join the United Jewish People's Order and the Morris Winchevsky School for our secular humanist celebrations of Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur.


These contemporary community observances include the traditional blowing of the shofar, readings, poetry, and Yiddish, Hebrew and English music led by well-known Toronto musicians — David Wall (vocals) and Marilyn Lerner (piano). 

We also offer special holiday programs for children ages 3 - 12. 

Traditional holiday refreshments are served at the conclusion of the Rosh Hashonah observance. 


On Rosh Hashanah we begin a 10 day period, using symbols, foods, and fasting to help us step out of ordinary time and into a period of reflection, the “Days of Awe.” The sound of the Ram’s Horn, the Shofar, blasts us into new awareness.  Focusing on the cyclicity of time, represented in the circular symbols of the apple and the round Challah, we reflect on the meaning of the holiday as a celebration of renewal — it is never too late to start again, to try again to do the right thing, making Rosh Hashanah a celebration of the goodness of the world and the sweetness of the year to come (honey/apples).


Yom Kippur is a time for reflection and for taking stock of the soul. On Yom Kippur we focus on the big questions of how to be in the world, what forgiveness entails and how to build meaningful community. We think about enhancing our capacity for kindness and compassion and working towards alleviating suffering and achieving justice for all people. 

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