Morris Winchevsky Sunday Shule

Secular Jewish Experiential Education for Social Justice



Kinder Kapers
Kinder Kapers



We are so

happy to have found an educational home for our children which shares our secular and progressive Jewish values and runs a school that feels familial, warm and enriching.

Michele Landsberg
     & Stephen Lewis
The Morris Winchevsky Sunday School is Toronto’s secular Jewish shule, focused on social justice.
Offering a range of programs for pre-school all the way to Bar/Bat Mitzvah groups, our shule focuses on experiential education, immersing our students in an environment where they get to learn, play, and experiment with secular Jewishness and social justice practices.

Check out the 2020/2021 schedule and our comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan more details.

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An interactive, biweekly preschool program for children aged 2.5 - 5 years and their grownups

A hands-on program that

lays the foundation for understanding Jewish civilizations' rich histories

and practices.

A one year program for students preparing for their secular Bar/Bat Mitzvah* ceremonies with a curriculum that focuses on

Jewish philosophy, literature,

and history, while integrating social justice issues and


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*While language is gendered, we at Winchevsky encourage and support a range of gender expression in our students.