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Accessibility Information

An accessible built environment is a key element of a society based on principles of equity. It provides its citizens with autonomy and the means to pursue an active life. Lack of access to built environments for people with disabilities can create barriers to participation in all manner of activities.

The Winchevsky Centre is committed to creating accessible space and an environment in which all individuals have access to the building and to all events and programs in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. To that end, we affirm our commitment to meet the needs of our members and guests. Our Accessibility Committee is working with consultants, architects, building designers and funders to develop a more fully accessible space, free from barriers.

This page documents areas of the Winchevsky Centre that may currently act as barriers or challenges to accessibility, to help you determine whether you can navigate the space. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Location & Transport:

  • The Winchevsky Centre (585 Cranbrooke Ave.) is located less than a block from Bathurst Street, 3 blocks north of Lawrence West. The #7 Bathurst bus goes by the intersection of Bathurst and Cranbrooke.

  • Parking: The parking lot at the back of the building is uneven and may provide challenges to those using mobility support like chairs or walkers. There are currently no parking spaces reserved for cars with disability stickers. However, it is possible
    to park near the side or back door of the building and there is street-front parking for cars with disability stickers directly in front of the building which may be easier for those with mobility constraints.


Building layout and features:

  • Main Entrance: The door bell to the Winchevsky Centre office is located on the left side of the front door. The door does not have an automatic entrance button. There is a metal piece at the threshold that could interfere with the operation of a wheel-chair or walker.

  • Foyer: The Winchevsky Centre is split-level with stairs at the front door leading to both the upstairs community centre space and downstairs to the classrooms and offices. The stairs have wooden handrails that may be slippery when grasped. There are 9 stairs going up and 12 stairs going down. There is no
    ramp or elevator.

  • Fire exits: There is an entrance in the front, discussed above. There is an emergency entrance/exit at the back/south side of the building from the second floor into the parking lot. This is not an accessible entrance. The 9 stairs will present a challenge to those with mobility devices. There is also an entrance/exit on the east side of the building that has 7 stairs going up and 11 stairs going down.

  • Corridors: The corridors upstairs are clear of obstructions. There are no handrails on the walls.

  • The corridors downstairs are used by a school and may have items stored or left in the hallways that may present an obstruction for the use of a mobility device. Doors: All doors have 600-860mm clear width when open. Door handles are knobs which may present a challenge for people with difficulty grasping.

  • Hallway Washrooms: Washrooms may present a challenge. Stalls were designed for children and are too narrow for mobility devices. The toilets are low to the ground and may present a challenge for people with knee, leg, hip or back conditions.There are no handrails in any of the stalls.

  • There is one staff washroom upstairs off of the main hall, however the door to the washroom is too narrow for a mobility device, there are no hand rails, and the toilet is low.

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is not an accessible space for mobility devices at this time.

  • Office: The Winchevsky Centre’s office is downstairs and may provide challenges to people with mobility devices who will need to navigate around furniture and office equipment.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about whether you may have challenges navigating the Centre, please contact us directly.


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