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Working Group Submission Requests

UJPO/Winchevsky Special Interest Group Submissions

The United Jewish People’s Order-Toronto is excited to invite members to submit requests to create a group of interest (committee, working group and club etc.) for creative, cultural and social justice exploration. We aim to provide support to UJPO and Winchevsky community members to bring their innovative groups of interest to life. We are a uniquely talented intergenerational community that includes artists, writers, filmmakers, community organizers, care workers, and educators, to name a few. We hope to create a lasting platform for discovering and sharing the talent, creativity, and intellectual curiosity that lies within UJPO/Winchevsky. 


UJPO Mission: 

UJPO is a non-partisan, independent, socialist-oriented, secular, cultural and educational organization with branches in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, and members in Montreal and other Canadian centres. We aim to:


1. Develop and perpetuate a progressive secular approach on social and cultural matters, our Jewish heritage, the Yiddish language, and holiday and festival celebrations. 


2. Sponsor secular Jewish education, musical and cultural groups, concerts, lectures, and public forums. 


3. Take part in social action and related community activities. 


Application Guidelines:


Please fill out the form below to request for a group of interest at UJPO/Winchevsky. All groups of interests are within the scope of an UJPO committee and subject to the UJPO-Toronto Board. 


Here are some groups ideas that may inspire your proposed ideas:


1. Working Group: You and/or a group can create a working group that will be part of the UJPO/Winchevsky Community to come together as a community for learning and social action towards a goal. There currently exists an Indigenous solidarity Working Group, and past working groups at UJPO/Winchevsky have included Israel/ Palestine Education Working Group; 


2. Club: You and/or a group can create a club that will be part of the UJPO/Winchevsky Community dedicated to a particular cultural interest or activity, for example, a reading group, choir, theatre troupe, language exchange, etc.); and


3. Other groups of interests that adhere to UJPO’s (above) mission. 


Applications are open to all UJPO-Toronto members and the Morris Winchevsky school community. We encourage requests for a group of interest that engage with secular approaches on social and cultural matters, Jewish heritage and languages, social action, and holiday celebrations. We welcome applications from all backgrounds, multi-faceted and intersectional identities (these could include, but are in no way limited to members of racialized communities, newcomers, those from interfaith backgrounds, people with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ2+, and gender non-conforming identifying persons) will be prioritized. 


Applications are reviewed and selected on a monthly basis. As an organization that offers a venue for the expression of its members, UJPO-Toronto will not accept applications that express racism, gender oppression, cultural appropriation, or stereotyping according to race, gender expression, cultural or national identity, or risk of traumatizing or misinforming youth.


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