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A family-oriented, secular Jewish summer community

Camp Naivelt 2024 Cabin Rentals


Camp Naivelt maintains a limited number of camp-owned cabins for rent each season (mid June – mid September). In addition, some cabin holders may want to rent their cabins either for the whole or parts of the season.

Regardless of whether you are interested in renting a Camp-owned cabin or a privately owned cabin, renting is a great way to get to know the community. Cabins are close together and in a normal year there are lots of group activities for young and old. 

We ask that all potential renters take the time to review the information on the website about the United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO) and about Camp Naivelt prior to making an application to rent. Cabin renters are expected to know the camp rules and norms. The Camp Naivelt Handbook will tell you most of what you need to know.

If you are interested in renting a Camp-owned cabin for the upcoming season and participating in the community life of Camp Naivelt, please fill out the rental application form.

Our Housing Committee normally begins to review requests in March or early April for the upcoming season.

Please note: If you are renting a cabin at Naivelt this season, check-in time is 3pm on the first day of your rental period and check-out time is 11am on the last day of your rental period. You are welcome to be up at camp before or after check-in and check-out times but please vacate the cabin so that we have time to clean the space for the next renter.

Camp-Owned Rental Cabin Descriptions


All camp rental cabins contain basic pots and pans, cooking utensils, cutlery, dishes, drinking glasses, and coffee mugs. Renters are asked to provide their own linens and towels.

Most cabins at Naivelt are fairly rustic. You can expect running water and indoor plumbing and a way to cook your meals, but some cabins will come with only cold water, some may have a shower on the outside of the cabin, and some may
not have a shower at all. For cabins with no bathing facilities, there is a hot water shower available at “The Ritz.” There
is also a laundry tub and washing machine available for use at The Ritz.  Please use only biodegradable soaps/shampoos while up at camp.

Renters are expected to dispose of their own garbage and recycling on a regular basis. Garbage and recycling bins are located in the parking lot to the right of the main gate to Eldorado Park. There are compost bins on each of the hills. Please note that your toilet paper bag is disposed of in the garbage bin.

Your cabin will contain a copy of the Camp Naivelt Handbook (please do not remove). It is important that you read through the Handbook to familiarize yourself with information to make your stay a pleasant one.

Camp owned cabins available for rentals

Hill 2 - Cabin 23

Hill 2, Cabin 23, affectionately known as “The Love Shack,” is a combined living room/bedroom containing one double bed, a single bed, and a sofa (not foldout). The kitchen has a refrigerator with a small freezer, small stove with an oven, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, and kettle. The kitchen table seats 4. The bathroom contains a toilet, sink and shower. There is hot water.

Hill 3 - Cabin 4

Hill 3, Cabin 4 is an open concept one-room cabin with an attached screened-in porch. There is a double futon, a kitchen table with two chairs, toilet, sink, and bathtub and large hot water tank. The kitchen contains a refrigerator/freezer, hotplate, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, and kettle. There is a small charcoal BBQ, bring your own charcoal, and please cook outdoors.

Hill 3 - Cabin 28
Hill 3 - 28_edited.jpg

Hill 3, Cabin 28, known as the “Wizard Cabin,” is a one-bedroom cabin, with a
small screened in back sitting room. The bedroom contains a double bed, and the
living room has a double futon. The kitchen contains a refrigerator/freezer, hot-
plate, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, and kettle. The kitchen table seats
four. There is a small hot water tank. The bathroom has a sink, shower, and toilet.

Wizard Cabin table and chairs - sized.jpg
Wizard Cabin bedroom - sized.jpg
Hill 3 - Cabin 36

Hill 3, Cabin 36 is a one-bedroom cabin with a living/dining area at the front of the cabin, a small kitchen and small bathroom with shower. This cabin has recently been renovated by the camp for rental use and will be furnished prior to the 2022 rental season.


Quick Reference Cabin Rental Fee Information:

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