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Music Camp 2024
Dates: Monday, July 8- Saturday, July 13
Optional music camp themed bagel brunch: Sunday, July 7
Registration coming soon

Link to sheet music drive

Summer Programming @ Camp Naivelt

Every year our program committee works to develop and deliver a rich summer schedule of activities for the Camp Naivelt community. Traditionally most program-ming takes place on weekends with occasional Friday night activities such as movie nights, Saturday afternoon pop-ups including yoga, bagel making workshops, arts and crafts activities and our weekly Sunday bagel brunches with guest speakers on
a variety of topics of interest to the community. In addition, Naivelters are fortunate to have weekly aquafit class in the Eldorado Park pool. Scroll down to see our calendar of events for August.



Past Issues of the 2022 Naivelt Nus / News


Audio of Jon Lazarus' Village of Chelm at Naivelt - 2022


Here is the link to the Naivelt Programming: Calendar:



Here's how to subscribe using Apple's Calendar / iCal app:


Disclaimer:  I figured this out through trial and error and I don't have any expertise beyond that.  So I can't provide personalized help, but if you have corrections or improvements to these instructions, please let me know or share with the group :)



iPhone and iPad:

    1. Tap on the link below.  Your Calendar app should open to the "Add Subscription Calendar" dialog with the URL already filled in.

  1. In the "Account" pop-up menu (you might have to scroll the dialog box to see it), choose either "iCloud" or "On My [iPad/iPhone]". (Use iCloud if you want it to appear on your other Apple devices too.)

  1. Choose any other preferences you want.  (You can always change them later.)

  1. Tap on "Subscribe".  Then tap "Add".



  1. Copy (don't click) the link below.

  1. In the Calendar app, go to the File menu and choose "New Calendar Subscription ...".

  1. Paste the link you copied in Step 1 into the "Calendar URL" field.  (Use the Paste command from Edit menu; the normal Command-V shortcut doesn't seem to work here.)

  1. In the "Location" drop-down menu, choose either "iCloud" or "On My Mac".  (Use iCloud if you want it to appear on your other Apple devices too.)  

  1. Choose any other preferences you want.  (You can always change them later.)

  1. Click "OK".



Now that you've read the instructions, here's the iCal link:

For information about cottage rental see and fill out the rental form.

Tiedies Drying in the Shade at Naivelt 2

Tie dyes drying in the shade in 2020

Admiring the Naivelt Quilt.jpg

Community Members admiring the Naivelt community quilt

Naivelt Quilt detail.jpg

Detail Naivelt Community Quilt, a project spearheaded by community member Ruth Howard


Our Statement of Solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian People


Our Comment on Rising Antisemitism and anti-Palestinian Racism


The Jewish Heretics Podcast

The Shandes - Songs of Jewish Resistance


Our Statement on Current Events in Palestine/Israel

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