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Summer Programming @ Camp Naivelt

Every year our program committee works to develop and deliver a rich summer schedule of activities for the Camp Naivelt community. Traditionally most program-ming takes place on weekends with occasional Friday night activities such as movie nights, Saturday afternoon pop-ups including yoga, bagel making workshops, arts and crafts activities and our weekly Sunday bagel brunches with guest speakers on
a variety of topics of interest to the community. In addition, Naivelters are fortunate to have weekly aquafit class in the Eldorado Park pool. Scroll down to see our calendar of events for August, which you can also download here.

July 16 - 23, 2023
Our Home on the Missinnihe Watershed
Indigenous Solidarity Week at Camp Naivelt


Please join us at the Lazowski Centre to discover more about this land we love, and our covenants to care for it. Join us to make a community map of Camp Naivelt and learn how
it connects to nearby human and natural communities. We will record what we experience and remember through drawing, writing, and talking, and attach some of what we learn on a map of Undzer Zumer Heym (Our Summer Home).



- Music Week- July 9-15, 2023

- Indigenous Solidarity Week - July 16-23, 2023

- Arts Week - August 21-26, 2023

If you can’t come to all the programming, no problem! You are most welcome to come to one, two, or more events throughout the week. If you are interested in helping out during the weekday activities, movie night, or the bagel brunch contact

We will stay mindful of the progress of this wave of the pandemic, work mostly outdoors, and follow conservative protocols. Masking protocols will be in place for any indoor activities.


For information about cottage rental see and fill out the rental form.

Tiedies Drying in the Shade at Naivelt 2

Tie dyes drying in the shade in 2020

Admiring the Naivelt Quilt.jpg

Community Members admiring the Naivelt community quilt

Naivelt Quilt detail.jpg

Detail Naivelt Community Quilt, a project spearheaded by community member Ruth Howard

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