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Become an UJPO member 

Secular. Jewish. Progressive. 

Membership in UJPO includes but is not limited to the following:

There are transactional and value-based reasons to become a member at UJPO.


Discounts and Entitlements (transactional benefits):

  • 15% discount on all events

  • 15% discount on all tuitions

  • Potential to become a cabin holder and discount on cabin rentals

  • Access to Yiddish library

  • Access to Music Inventory

  • Participation in Boards and Committees

  • Access to our physical spaces

  • Below market prices for Mortuary Benefits

  • In-kind and seed money for Working Groups

  • Voting privileges


Rewards (value-based):

  • The opportunity to be part of a vibrant, secular, Jewish, social justice-oriented community

  • The opportunity to support the continuation and future of UJPO

  • Participation in building a new vision and future, and a new Winchevsky Centre

  • Membership with a like-minded community

  • Participate in cultural creation and curation

  • Socialize through activism

  • Blend a 100 year old legacy with current values and priorities

  • We are unique Jewish space that holds room for: Secularists, Bundists, leftist/ progressive Yiddishkayt & other non-normative identities in mainstream Jewish culture

  • Receipt of organizational communications which offer events, demonstrations and song


Our Statement of Solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian People


Our Comment on Rising Antisemitism and anti-Palestinian Racism


The Jewish Heretics Podcast

The Shandes - Songs of Jewish Resistance


Our Statement on Current Events in Palestine/Israel

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