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Fridays: February 18 & March 4, 2022

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Join the United Jewish People’s Order for a language series consisting of two light-hearted
shabbes evenings exploring Yiddish and Ladino — learn some basic words, phrases and a bit of Jewish histories. We will share a secular shabbes blessing and eat challah in three languages!

Learn Yiddish:
Friday, February 18 @ 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.
Special Guest:
Miriam Borden | PhD candidate, Yiddish Studies, University of Toronto

Beyond U of T, where Miriam Borden teaches Yiddiah language and culture classes, she is actively involved in preserving and publicizing the Yiddish history of Toronto. She works closely with the Ontario Jewish Archives on a number of Yiddish initiatives, including creating social media posts featuring a #YiddishWordoftheWeek, leading walking tours of Kensington Market, and translating Yiddish materials from the collection.

Learn Ladino:
Friday, March 4 @ 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.
Special Guest:
Sarah Aroeste | Singer/songwriter, Author, and Activist

Determined to help bring Ladino culture to new generations, Sarah Aroeste draws upon her Sephardic family roots from Macedonia to present traditional and original Ladino songs with her unique blend of Balkan sounds, pop, and jazz. Since 2001, Aroeste has toured the globe and recorded seven albums, including the award-winning Monastir (2021). Aroeste has also published numerous articles and essays about Sephardic cultural preservation, and pens Sephardic-themed books for children.

Register today for two fun and creative shabbes celebrations and another chance to create community connections! Link to register:


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