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Join United Jewish People’s Order for an hour of learning, inspiration, and discussion with Seniors for Climate Action Now (SCAN)! We will be talking about: How do we develop hope in confronting the climate emergency? How will the provincial election affect Canada’s climate goals? And most importantly, how does the climate crisis particularly affect seniors and what can we do to build a better world?

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About SCAN:

SCAN is building a seniors’ climate action group, currently based in Ontario. One that is democratic, accountable, equitable, and participatory. A community in which we value each other’s knowledge, experience, and views. Our seniors’ climate action group will inform, and mobilize seniors in an effort to prevent more climate catastrophes. We recognize that climate action is also a demand for social justice and economic transformation - the opportunity, as well as the need, to address racism and economic inequities. We know Canada was founded on the occupation of Indigenous lands. We are in this for the sake of future generations and the survival of life on the planet.

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