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UJPO-Canada in Solidarity with Congregation Beth Shalom

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We at the United Jewish People’s Order – Canada offer our heartfelt solidarity and support to Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker and the congregation of Beth Israel and to the Jewish community of Colleyville, Texas. We are grateful and relieved that the situation at the synagogue ended with no physical injuries to the hostages. We abhor the antisemitic violence perpetrated by the gunman who lost his life in this episode of hate. Every act of hatred and violence rips open the scab of intergenerational trauma that Jewish communities in many cultures have historically experienced.

We applaud the support the local community in Texas offered to the congregation in the true spirit of interfaith solidarity. Our strength lies in coming together with others who are the victims of hatred and in not allowing ourselves to be further divided. We especially call on those who would demonize Muslims to resist that impulse. The answer to hate is not more hate. We stand with all communities struggling against racism and discrimination.

January 17, 2022 — Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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