Call for Toronto Reps on UJPO Canada Board of Directors

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Dear UJPO Toronto Members,

The United Jewish People’s Order of Canada will hold its National Conference on October 25, 2020. The National Conference includes electing a new National Board of Directors. Each UJPO Canada section (UJPO Toronto and UJPO Winnipeg) is responsible for nominating candidates to stand for election to the National Board. This is the UJPO Toronto call for all members interested in being nominated for election to the National Board.

UJPO Canada’s responsibilities include:

  • Leading our organization’s presence on national and international issues;

  • Building and rebuilding our membership in regions of the country without an existing section;

  • Creating opportunities for connections between sections;

  • Setting internal policy and providing overall governance for UJPO Canada; and

  • Stewarding our assets in cooperation with each section.

The National Board has 10 seats for Toronto members. The term of office for National Board Directors is currently 4 years but is expected to be reduced to 2 years with a series of Constitution and Bylaw amendments also coming forward at the National Conference.

The minimum qualifications for nomination to the National Board are:

  • Having been a member of UJPO for at least 6 months at the date of the National Conference;

  • Being a Member in Good Standing (i.e., membership fees are paid and membership has not been terminated for any reason); and

  • At least 18 years of age on the date of the National Conference.

In addition to the minimum requirements, the UJPO Toronto Board will be looking to nominate candidates that:

  • Have a demonstrated commitment to UJPO and its values;

  • Have a diversity of work/education backgrounds (legal, accounting, human resources, real estate, engineering, facility management, communications, board governance, administration, organizing, human rights, health, social work, education, arts, and more);

  • Have identities and lived experiences that will contribute to electing a board that reflects the diversity of backgrounds of UJPO members;

  • Have significant (but does not necessarily need to be longstanding) experience within one or more UJPO-related program area (Camp Naivelt, Morris Winchevsky School, holiday celebrations, cultural activities, committee/board work, and more); and

  • Are committed to attending at least quarterly meetings of the National Board, attending the UJPO Toronto and UJPO Canada annual meetings, and dedicating 4-6 hours per month to National Board work outside of meetings, including active participation in committees and working groups.

Additionally, UJPO C