The beautiful artwork displayed in our banner depicts a shtetl (village) scene, and was created by the late progressive labour artist Avrom Yanovsky for the Toronto Jewish Folk Choir's production of 'Oyfn Fidl' (On the Fiddle) in the early 1970's.


"Fun Kemp tsu Shule, fun Shule tsu Kemp"

(From Camp to School, from School to Camp)


A haven of nature that's close to the city
Your backyard with birds, full of sunshine & trees.

A place of retreat for discussion so witty
Or just to relax, or for shooting the breeze.

Four generations enjoyed all its pleasures
Like take in a lecture or go on a hike.

Four generations have shared in its treasures–
They're open to seniors and youngsters alike.

Henry Gord, UJPO member
June 29, 2000


What is Camp Naivelt?
Camp Naivelt is a family-oriented, secular Jewish summer community glued together with humanistic, pluralistic and progressive values. Located on 50 forested acres, unzer zumer haym (our summer home) is nestled in a picturesque spot on the banks of the Credit River in sunny Brampton, Ontario. Camp Naivelt is rich not only in natural beauty, but also in social and cultural history.

Camp Naivelt offers:

  • Cottages for short-term and seasonal rental
  • Extensive trails
  • A bird-watcher's paradise
  • Access to parkland, a swimming pool and nearby pick-your-own farms
  • Cultural, social and educational events throughout the summer
  • A safe environment for children, with various activities planned each season

2014 Camp Naivelt Program Schedule

Naivelt Rules and Regulations

United Jewish People's Order (UJPO) membership is required and must be maintained in good standing in order to own a cottage at Camp Naivelt. Transfers or sales of private cottages must be processed through the UJPO office. The Camp Committee facilitates this process.

Cottage owners must notify the UJPO office/Housing at 416-789-5502 or should they have anyone other than themselves stay in their cottage for any length of time.

If cottage owners rent or loan their cabin to anyone for more than 3 weeks, those occupants must fill in an application form, which can be obtained from the UJPO office, indicating they have read and will abide by Camp Naivelt Regulations.

All newcomers/visitors to Camp Naivelt will be welcomed and listed in our weekly summer newsletter Naivelt News.